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zas2 IPTV-Server

This program is still in beta phase. This version can be installed up to the 31-12-2018.
v2.9.1 64bit, Windows 110.10 MB 2505 downloads
zas2 IPTV-Client for Windows Media Center

needs zas2 IPTV-Server V2.6.2 or above and Microsoft Windows 7 or higher with Media Center
v2.6.3 32bit, Windows 0.63 MB 1663 downloads
zas2 IPTV-Client for Windows

needs zas2 IPTV-Server V2.6.2 or above and Microsoft Windows XP or above
v2.6.2 32bit, Windows 0.80 MB 984 downloads
zas2 HomeServer Client for KODI

or keep this zas2 Client always up to date:

zas2 Repository for KODI

needs zas2 IPTV-Server V2.8.0 or above xbmc/kodi 14 or above

tested scenarios:

  • kodi for Windows (Win7 PC/Win7 Notebook/Win8 Tablet/Win10)
  • kodi for Android (Tablet/Smartphone)
  • kodi/openelec on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • kodi on Amazon Fire TV
  • kodi on nVidia Shield
  • kodi on iOS

v0.3.0, xbmc/kodi 0.58 MB 1667 downloads

this program checks a task for running and restarts if crashed.
v2.0013 32bit, Windows 0.28 MB 1222 downloads

a wake on lan utility for several machines. wakes up after app-start and closes automatically after some seconds. for example if you want to start a nas after starting a pc.
v1.0 32bit, Windows 0.21 MB 1099 downloads

Do you have questions or ideas? Do you like this product, but you are missing a feature? Feel free to ask me:
And remember, this Product is totally free, but must be upgraded to extend the running-period. if you like this product you can thank a little bit by donating a small amount, so i can buy new products to integrate... ;) This project is completely done in my spare time at home.

version history

  1. zas2 IPTV-Server:

    Version 2.9.2 (26.03.2018)
    IPTV-Server: changed Standard Mux from TS to MKV. Now with Kodi Addon 0.3.0 and up it is possible to change the Audioquality (MPEG Stereo, AC3 5.1, Copy)
    IPTV-Server: updated ffmpeg
    IPTV-Server: updated avisynth
    Version 2.9.1 (17.03.2018)
    home-automation: fixed some CCU2 bugs
    home-automation: added TPLink HS1xx Support
    IPTV-Server: added KODI as Source on local Network (for over the Internet use the zas2 Server to zas2 Server Connection)
    Version 2.9.0 (13.03.2018)
    internal: changed core design to full 64-bit support, 32-bit is not supported anymore.
    internal: changed some config-parts, so PLEASE make a Backup before upgrading to new Version and RESTORE in new Version.
    internal: reworked some Design, so no Admin rights needed anymore.
    home-automation: Vorwerk VR200 added
    home-automation: Logitech Circle2 added
    home-automation: Added Onkyo Receiver (2016 and newer)
    home-automation: changed MakroManager internal design, so more than one "IF" condition can be "AND" connected. An "OR" condition is not possible at the moment!
    home-automation: CCU2 completed
    home-automation: Mediola AIO V5 integration should now work with HomeMatic, Intertechno and PCA301
    home-automation: BOSE SoundTouch (experimental)
    IPTV-Server: now using LibVLC 3.0 shipped with zas2, so a separate installation is not needed anymore.
    Version 2.8.1 (17.02.2018)
    home-automation: CCU2 added (sensor) home-automation: Mediola AIO V5 added (testing)
    Version 2.8.0 (04.02.2018)
    home-automation: added OSRAM Lightify
    home-automation: added PHILIPS Hue
    home-automation: added GeoFence
    IPTV-Server: added full ripping mkv-extraction
    Version 2.7.55 (03.10.2016)
    home-automation: added FritzBox! support and some features (reboot, incoming and outgoing call)
    home-automation: added Client "is online/WOL" -> "logged in / out" event
    web-server: fixed homebridge compatibility issue
    Version 2.7.5 (01.05.2016)
    IPTV-Server: added PIN Code access restriction for multiple user purposes, new clients will follow the next days
    web-server: fixed chrome for ios render bug
    Version 2.7.0 (14.02.2016)
    home-automation: added internal speech recognition (working on additional universal cortana app for Windows 10 devices (Phone/Desktop))
    Version 2.6.59 (03.09.2015)
    home-automation: fixed some pca301 bugs
    home-automation: added internal commands like restart, standby, reset standby timer to makromanager
    Version 2.6.58 (02.09.2015)
    home-automation: some improvements on Siri Voice Control
    web-server: iOS Video url-Scheme can be chosen in zas2-Config
    Version 2.6.47 (28.06.2015)
    home-automation: fixed some unicode Bugs
    Version 2.6.46 (25.06.2015)
    home-automation: fixed some Siri Bugs
    Version (21.06.2015)
    home-automation: added Voice-Control Tab
    home-automation: added Siri Voice Control for up to 4 icloud accounts
    NOTCE: this is a very experimental feature, i will describe how to use the next days. if you have questsions, ask me at
    Version 2.6.4 (07.06.2015)
    WebServer: some internal modifications needed for zas2 HomeServer Client for xbmc/kodi
    Version 2.6.3 (23.04.2015)
    Sources: added DVD and Bluray Titles, if more than one title on disc
    Version 2.6.2 (06.04.2015)
    IPTV-Server: wol-lan url can be set (also wake-on-lan has to be true)
    Config: some new parameters to adjust
    Version 2.60.00 (22.02.2015)
    ATTENTION (if you have installed the zas2mce-Client): please update also the zas2mce-Client
    IPTV-Server: added synchronous mode to mediacenter-application transfer (in synchronous mode, there is no preview possible)
    IPTV-Server: changed transfer to zas2-Sources/-Servers to synchronous mode (also no preview possible)
    IPTV-Server: some fixes
    IPTV-Server: updated caching methods
    home-automation: wakes up NAS for media-backup and keeps waken up until backup finished
    DLNA-Server: some fixes
    web-server: some fixes
    Version 2.34.50 (30.01.2015)
    IPTV-Server: added new Series/TV-Shows categorisation
    Version 2.34.00 (22.01.2015)
    IPTV-Server: added 3D-SBS to 2D realtime conversion
    Version 2.33.00 (13.01.2015)
    web-server: cleaning up a list of bugfixes
    web-server: core rewritten, more reliable
    Version 2.31.00 (29.12.2014)
    IPTV-Server: added series mode for mce recordings (just make a seperate source VIDEO-FILES for series)
    Version 2.30.00 (10.12.2014)
    IPTV-Server: bugfixes
    IPTV-Server: added some details at the transcoding tabs: Constant Bitrate, Encoding Speed (vs. Quality), Tune Film
    IPTV-Server: added h264 compatiblity with XBOX360
    IPTV-Server: forwarding profiles and 3D to next zas2server
    DLNA-Server: fixed: all sources were shown, also the disabled ones
    DLNA-Server: more reliable
    DLNA-Server: added virtual chapters to optical source
    home-automation: added XS1 legacy input with value check without creating XS1-Makros for Makro-Manager
    home-automation: added MediaCenter Message (Broadcast to all running MCEs) at Makro-Manager. Now you can send a message to the MediaCenter, e.g. if the temperature in the children sleeping room is under 14 degrees celsius or if the door-bell is ringing
    Version 2.20.00 (23.10.2014)
    IPTV-Server: more accurate encoding
    Configuration: added restore on first start
    home-automation: added NAS sleep function
    web-client: send messages or videos to other LCARS/MCE Clients
    mce-client: more standby features
    and much more...
    Version 2.10.00 (14.09.2014)
    IPTV-Server: added dlna-server (you can enable it in the Windows Media Center Tab)
    web-client: added remote playback on Windows Media Center (please download zas2mce and install zas2mceRemote, then choose in lcars on the left bottom side "local" - it will change to "remote" and the next playback will start in Windows Media Center)
    media-backup: now you can set different values for different media types
    Version 2.00.00 (03.08.2014)
    IPTV-Server: reorganized core. NOT compatible with smaller than 2.0 Versions
    IPTV-Server: integrated "netzkino"-support. only available after donation.
    Version 1.03.12 (29.06.2014)
    home-automation: added support of PCA301 over fhem with jeelink
    home-automation: PCA301 devices can send values to XS1
    IPTV-Server: initial support of EPG (neutrino based devices)
    web-server: XS1 sensor- and actuatorbuttons reveive values permanently
    web-server: added info button to iptv-channels
    web-server: more reliable and faster
    Version 1.02.51 (18.05.2014)
    home-automation: more xs1-values in lcars interface (actuators, sensors, timers, makros)
    IPTV-Server: faster connection
    channels: same video window in preview mode and multiview
    Version 1.02.09 (26.04.2014)
    mce-client: added support of forced subtitles
    Version 1.02.03 (16.04.2014)
    gui: added more comfortable data-Monitor including a live-view in a small window or seperate window up to fullscreen with a small player-control and multiview-feature (shows all running sources in live view)
    Version 1.01.00 (13.04.2014)
    IPTV-Server: added Multichannel-Source (experimental) for mosaic-view of sources.
    transcoder: added possibility of HW-decoding (config-tab)
    gui: renamed and reorganized info tab to config tab
    Version 1.00.14 (02.04.2014)
    IPTV-Server: live transcoding 3D for zas2mce-Client (real 3D at mvc-mkv and pseudo 3D, needs zas2mce 1.05)
    home-automation: changed the way of gathering events from ezcontrol xs1 (less cpu and network usage).
    Version 0.9996 (30.03.2014)
    web-client: added audio-language selection
    mce-client: improved extender quality (needs both latest versions: server AND client)
    server: improved detection of dvd
    Version 0.9995 (16.03.2014)
    server: tcp-connection improvements
    web-client: added media info to zas2 sources
    web-client: changed synchronous to asynchronous communication
    web-client: performance-improvements
    web-client: adding support of windows phone devices
    web-client: adding vlc support of iphone and android devices (please install the latest version of vlc for your mobile device)
    media info: added editor (sources -> assign sources -> mediainfo button)
    channels: modified editor (sources -> assign sources -> edit channel button)
    -> for media info create an account at movieDB and enter the API-Key at the "windows media center"-tab
    neutrino sources: added bouquets selection list when getting channels
    dvblink sources: stopping channel before channel changes
    zas2 sources: receiving media info (cover, description, title, chapters, languages) from far-away-zas2server
    transcoder: added MJPEG codec
    Version 0.9991 (03.03.2014)
    server: added Foscam IP-Cameras
    server: added NIC binding (info-tab)
    web-client: added sensor values to Lcars-Design
    general: several improvements
    Version 0.9990 (15.01.2014)
    home-automation: added EventGhost support.
    home-automation: added LCARS-Buttons to start makros without physical switches/buttons/remotes
    wtv-conversion: removed some bugs
    server: added "no standby" (info-tab)
    server: added support to change process usage (info-tab)
    gui improvements
    Version 0.9987 (02.01.2014)
    home-automation: added multiroom support. now you can add rooms at favorites-tab and select them at the lcars-interface
    Version 0.9986 (01.01.2014)
    home-automation: send EnergyLAN values to ezControl XS1 (virtual Energy Sensor)
    Version 0.9985 Release2 (30.12.2013)
    home-automation: several stability and performance improvements
    Version 0.9985 (18.12.2013)
    home-automation: added support of energenieLAN energy-meter
    added support of (needs API-Key)
    Version 0.9955 (13.12.2013)
    general: reduced cpu-usage
    web-client: only showing rss and wakeonlan, if there is content
    Version 0.9950 (11.12.2013)
    home-automation: added WakeOnLan (also to MakroManager)
    Version 0.9900 (06.11.2013)
    added count of streams to source
    blurays with more than 1 videostream (e.G. commentarystream) will not play, needs mediainfo scan
    Version 0.9870 (30.10.2013)
    sources (video-files): added .flv format support
    sources (Bluray and DVD): added chapter and language scan (mediainfo button)
    wtv-conversion: minor bugfixes
    media-backup: added iso / folder select option
    Version 0.9865 (30.09.2013)
    IPTV-Server: removed bug: after streaming to browser, mce-client won´t play the same source
    web-client: closing sessions after 1 day
    Version 0.9860 (29.09.2013)
    sources: added Wake-on-Lan on demand feature (IPTV/Transcoding)
    web-client: added session set/check
    Version 0.9855 (19.09.2013)
    wtv-conversion: added 2D to 3D conversion
    wtv-conversion (3D): removed 3D-Subtitle-bug: Server crashed when video is not YV12
    added: install Haali and Avisynth within first Server-Start, if not installed.
    Version 0.9850 (17.09.2013)
    wtv-conversion: added 2D to 3D conversion (initial test-step)
    Version 0.9810 (04.09.2013)
    wtv-conversion: found a bug in the todvrmslib: the created .wtv could not be played in vlc or other players than MediaCenter or WMP, they only found 1 audio track. i created a trick jumping 1 second into the video and starting conversion minus this 1st second. voila.
    wtv-conversion: optimized the encoding-quality and reducing the bitrate if automode and extender compatiblity
    wtv-conversion: openCL support
    Version 0.9800 (26.08.2013)
    core: many improvements and bugfixes
    web-client: added support of IE9 / IE10
    web-client: added support of iphone / ipad
    web-client: added support of html5 video for firefox and chrome browsers
    web-server: recognizing type of browser and setting profiles by itself
    wtv-conversion: many improvements in recognizing type of video, 3D and forced subtitles
    Version 0.95106 (31.07.2013)
    setup: added setup wizard
    mce-plugin: added dvd profile
    tcp-server: less caching to get the video a little bit earlier
    web-server: integrated ptz-control (pan/tilt/zoom) into lcars videomonitor
    sources (easyn): simple ptz control
    Version 0.9598 (24.07.2013)
    sources (axis): simple ptz control. open a second browser and type e.g. ip:port?control=left. will be integrated into lcars
    Version 0.9581 (23.07.2013)
    web-server: old style bugs removed
    sources (axis): importing ptz-positions as channels
    Version 0.9574 (22.07.2013)
    web-server: removed snapshot-bug
    Version 0.9569 (20.07.2013)
    web-server: improved video playback on mobile devices by switching from vlc-plugin to html5. Tested devices: iphone, android tablet
    web-server (LCARS): reorganized layout-engine (internal) for better use on smartphones
    web-server: changed many parts of web-server to improve performance and stability
    Version 0.9561 (16.07.2013)
    transcoding-engine: snapshot mode is working now (snapshot to email). you can add one or more email addresses (seperated by ";")
    Version 0.9552 (11.07.2013)
    home-automation: added timer
    home-automation: reorganized makromanager
    home-automation: added favorite-list as "then"-actor (makromanager)
    Version 0.9543 (10.07.2013)
    transcoding-engine: Because of filesize and flexibility i have decided to split off all vlc-libs. Please install VLC by yourself.
    transcoding-engine: Mode live/snapshot/clip added (experimental)
    Version 0.9542 (05.07.2013)
    wtv-conversion: 3D Feature extension: you can choose Side-By-Side or Top-Bottom (Top-Bottom is best for polfilter-3D)
    wtv-conversion: 3D with 3D subtitle (just the forced one)
    wtv-conversion: direct use of todvrmslib.dll
    web-server: added password prompt (LCARS)
    Version 0.9540 (26.06.2013)
    configuration: added simple Configuration Wizard (will prompt on first start or manual at Info-Tab button "configuration"; please start zas2 with administrative rights)
    wtv-conversion: SBS-3D Feature integrated
    Version 0.9522 (24.06.2013)
    wtv-conversion: added MKV-conversion
    wtv-conversion: SBS-3D Feature added (experimental)
    Version 0.9510 (17.06.2013)
    home-automation: added Makro-Logging (MakroManager)
    Version 0.956 (14.06.2013)
    home-automation: added favorite-manager for web-interface (LCARS)
    web-server (LCARS): added favorite-screen
    Rss-Feeds: added picturepreview to rss-feed
    Version 0.951 (08.06.2013)
    big update, near release. added new LCARS interface
    web-server: added new Webdesign (LCARS), much written in javascript-code: no reloads needed.
    Rss-Feeds: added Rss-Feed Client for new LCARS webinterface
    Version 0.9193 (26.05.2013)
    home-automation: removed big recursive execution bug
    Version 0.9184 (23.05.2013)
    gui: while server is running, tabControl is reduced to the Server-Tab
    web-server: some modifications at home-automation feature
    home-automation: removed some minor bugs, improved xs1 commands, added "Test Makro" button at makromanager
    Version 0.9177 (15.05.2013)
    gui: disabled while server is running
    home-automation: stability improvements
    web-server: added simple home-automation feature
    Version 0.9165 (12.04.2013)
    wtv-conversion: reorganized layout
    home-automation: added ezControl xs1 support
    home-automation: added simple (if->then) makro manager supporting netio, pioneer and ezControl xs1.
    Version 0.9162 (09.04.2013)
    wtv-conversion: added speed/quality settings.
    wtv-conversion: added possibility to change the fps to 25 for smooth playback in pal countries
    home-automation: added Pioneer Receiver Control over LAN and Makro-Creation
    Version 0.9160 (11.03.2013)
    wtv-conversion: added language selection and "burn-in" forced subtitle option.
    better overall performance
    Version 0.9155 (06.03.2013)
    new Feature: added Home Automation Function. Supports NETIO-230. Start and Stop your Devices on Demand or by Timer.
    many improvements and bugfixes
    Version 0.9150 (04.03.2013)
    wtv-conversion: more accurate maximum bitrate calculation (xbox360: 25600 including all audio streams, linksys: 15600 including all audio streams)
    Version 0.9146 (21.02.2013)
    added: restart buttons for the server functions
    gui improvements
    Version 0.9144 (20.02.2013)
    added: media-disc backup function
    added: sub-tabs under transcoding-tab
    changed: moved some tabs
    Version 0.9142 (18.02.2013)
    fixed: Application crashed on missing max. bitrate
    Version 0.9139 (15.02.2013)
    wtv-conversion: added Extender Profiles (xbox360 and linksys)
    wtv-conversion: added "auto"-function for Extender Profiles
    channel Preview: added integrated Video Player, no installed VLC-Player needed anymore
    Test-Period bug fixed
    minor bugfixes
    Version 0.9134 (02.02.2013)
    wtv-conversion: calculates the maximum video bitrate. if > 15Mb/s then = 15Mb/s
    transcoding issue fixed
    Version 0.9132 (01.02.2013)
    wtv-conversion: extracts attachment (picture) of mkv and stores it in the destination folder
    minor bugfixes
    Version 0.9124 (31.01.2013)
    added Icon, start minimized Feature and minimize to trays
    wtv-conversion: reorganized wtv conversion, added mkvextract and BDsup2sub
    Version 0.9120 (29.01.2013)
    wtv-conversion: found bug in wtv conversion (more than 1 dts streams -> memory leak)
    wtv-conversion: added mkvmerge (more stable than ffmpeg)
    Version 0.919 (25.01.2013)
    wtv-conversion: disk ejects after conversion to wtv automatically
    minor bugfixes
    Version 0.913 (24.01.2013)
    new Feature: Autoconvert DVD/Bluray to .wtv when inserted into any Drive (autodetection)
    new Feature: integrated email-Client sends email, when DVD/Bluray conversion finished
    Version 0.910 (18.01.2013)
    new Source Type added: IPTV
    Version 0.900 (15.01.2013)
    initial beta release. EPG/XMLTV function is disabled. ISO reading of DVD/BLURAY not possible.

  2. zas2 Windows Media Center Client:

    Version 2.6.3 (23.04.2015)
    added DVD and Bluray titles
    Version 2.6.2 (06.04.2015)
    only compatible with server 2.6.2 or above
    Version 2.60 (22.02.2015)
    only compatible with server 2.60.00 or above
    fixed some player-control bugs
    please install the latest LAV-filters for better playback-quality and -reliability
    Version 2.53 (30.01.2015)
    only compatible with server 2.34.50 or above
    added new Series/TV-Shows category Version 2.52 (13.12.2014)
    only compatible with server 2.32 or above
    zas2mceRemote: some bugfixes
    Version 2.51 (29.12.2014)
    only compatible with server 2.2 or above
    added playlist mode for bouquets/sources
    added series mode, when series set in server
    Version 2.5 (10.12.2014)
    only compatible with server 2.2 or above
    added own player-control with timeline instead of the in WMC integrated one. Use fast forward, rewind, next and previous chapter with an OK or Enter to do the action. Just OK or Pause shows Details. The Timeline disappears after 5 seconds and stays visible in Pause-Mode.
    Timeline works also with Extenders
    Version 2.2 (23.10.2014)
    only compatible with server 2.2 or above
    added new View and Sortmode
    added plain categories like 3D, Unwatched, NEW!
    Version 2.1 (14.09.2014)
    only compatible with server 2.1 or above
    added Media Center Remote feature (zas2mceRemote)
    Version 2.0 (03.08.2014)
    only compatible with server 2.0 or above
    integrated "netzkino"-support
    Version (01.06.2014)
    added simple playback screen with info dialog to accept own playback controls.
    press enter to get the playback time, press left/right cursor to change chapter, press up/down key to skip 1 minute.
    Version (26.04.2014)
    added support of forced subtitles, needs server version or above.
    Version 1.5 (13.04.2014)
    fixed some Issues. Needs zas2-server Version 1.01 or above.
    Version 1.05 (02.04.2014)
    added 2D and 3D modes for Video-File Sources (real 3D at mvc-mkv and pseudo 3D, needs zas2-server 1.00.15 or later), also on Extenders
    Version 1.04 (02.04.2014)
    improved extender quality
    Version 1.03 (16.03.2014)
    added same comfort at zas2-channels like at bluray etc.
    added dvd/bluray player for inserted discs (also works on extenders)
    known bug: sources won´t play on extenders, i am working on it !
    Version 1.021 (06.11.2013)
    updated source.dll, needs zas2server >= 0.9900
    Version 1.020 (30.10.2013)
    added chapters (DVD and Bluray Sources)
    Version 1.010 (29.09.2013)
    added Wake-On-Lan on demand feature
    Version 1.000 (24.07.2013)
    First Final Release.
    Version 0.900 (15.01.2013)
    initial beta release. Debug-Prints enabled.

  3. zas2 Windows Client:

    Version 2.6.2 (06.04.2015)
    only compatible with server 2.6.2 or above
    Version 2.0 (03.08.2014)
    only compatible with server 2.0 or above
    integrated "netzkino"-support
    Version 1.006 (13.05.2014)
    finds a running zas2server automatically.
    more touch friendly.
    Version 1.004 (11.05.2014)
    more reliable chapter/time and start/stop changing.
    Version 1.002 (25.04.2014)
    some bugfixes
    Version 1.001 (18.04.2014)
    Initial release. Needs zas2-server Version 1.01 or above.

  4. zas2 HomeServer for xbmc/kodi:

    Initial release
    store sources in local addon user path
    added wake up functions
    added message service
    added server auto discovery
    added bouquets/titles/series
    added fast forward/rewind for WAN-IPTV
    0.0.6 (26.05.2015)
    added source pictures
    0.0.7 (04.06.2015)
    some settings changes
    set stereo mode depending on source
    0.0.8 (07.06.2015) added HomeAutomation features of zas2 servers rooms/favorites
    renamed to zas2 HomeServer Client
    0.0.9 (21.06.2015)
    sending kodi name to zas2 server for better identifying client
    0.1.0 (21.06.2015)
    added search capabilities for voice control
    0.1.1 (25.06.2015)
    fixed zas2 service connection/reconnection bug
    fixed bug using cached sources
    0.1.2 (27.06.2015)
    fixed 3d choice if movie/channel is sbs like sky3d
    0.1.3 (28.06.2015)
    fixed unicode bug in homeautomation
    client does not ask for details in playlistmode anymore, but the "opening stream" window still exists. will look for it later
    fixed 3d to 2d. it's done by kodi now
    0.1.4 (26.06.2015)
    fixed playback of wrong or empty url
    0.1.5 (31.08.2015)
    removed some notifications
    0.1.6 (02.09.2015)
    fixed bug in old playback
    0.1.7 (03.09.2015)
    added (kodi-)autostart features: nothing|zas2|tv(last channel)|radio(last channel)
    0.1.95 (01.05.2016)
    added PIN-Code restriction
    0.2.2 (04.02.2018)
    added more resolution/bitrate
    0.3.0 (26.03.2018)
    added Audioquality choice

  5. ProcessChecker:

    Version 2.0013 (13.09.2016)
    added: kill and restart process every [1-99999] minutes
    Version 2.000 (24.11.2014)
    added: Group-Watchdog
    added: start minimized
    Version 1.012 (25.05.2013)
    added: Timer based restart
    added: Processlist
    Version 1.006 (14.03.2013)
    added: Autostart process at application start
    Version 1.001 (04.03.2013)
    initial release: starts a Program and watches the state. If the Program crashes, it will be restartet by ProcessChecker.

  6. WakeUpNow:

    Version 1.0 (10.12.2013)
    initial release

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